Risky Choices: Prologue

Greg and Violet’s marriage is over, but it’s not what you think. It’s never what you think in this exciting story of mob bosses, syrup recipes, and a ship set sail for the Orient.

Greg’s suitcase filled too quickly. As he situated his last few pairs of socks, Violet’s 20 years of skilled legal negotiation crumbled. “Please don’t do this. We can work it out. I swear—”

“Listen, Babe, it’s done. Our marriage has been over since you ratted out Big Tony. It was all I could do to keep him from putting a hit out on you.”

“You know I did that for us,” she began.

“You did it for YOU!” Greg yelled, slamming the lid. “My boat sails for the Orient in an hour. Do yourself a favor; make like a tree and leaf! I am!”

She couldn’t help but laugh. It didn’t help how she felt.

“I’m improvising, dammit. This is as hard for me as it is for you. Big Tony has been looking to even the score, and our necks are next on the chopping block.”

“You overlook one detail, Vi. It’s your neck on the line, not mine. You were the one who decided Big Tony’d look better behind bars.”

“I never wanted this life! I couldn’t defend a guilty mob boss for the rest of my career! What would you have had me do?”

“For starters, I’d never have spilled the secrets of Sara Rosa’s Syrup! Now the Maple Gang have you marked as well. Big Tony’s a small nuisance compared to what that Mable Swan will do! I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony’s working for her! We have to…”

“No, I ‘have’ tos!  You just run, Greg. You’re good at running; I’m good at cleaning up sticky messes. It’s why Big Tony hired me.”

Watching Greg’s boat sail, Vi scrolled through the numbers on her phone and stopped at S.H.E. She fingered dial. The tone stopped, and a male voice said, “Do not speak. Cough once for yes, twice for no. Is Greg on the boat?”

Violet coughed once.

She heard an explosion.

Turning, she saw the broken boat in flames. She canceled the call.

Story created and written by
Lily Bly, Molly Neely, Chris Rogers, Elena Marie Ball,
James Matthew Byers, Vicie Ree, and Albert Moot

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