Risky Choices: Chapter Five

“You’ve got some nerve, bitch. Really. Showing your face on my doorstep at this time of night?” Little Toni smirked as she looked Vi dead in the eyes. “Look, I get it. We both have a mutual interest. But considering what just happened, I’d say the odds are ever in my favor. He doesn’t want to see you.”

Vi knew Toni was right. Some ships sailed and could never reach the shore. Others were blown up. She suddenly thought of how syrup, gangs, drugs, and money laundering all became a normal way of living. This wasn’t what she had envisioned for her life with Greg.

They were going to have kids. Build on the American dream. Instead, she found her eyes locked with those of a slutty bitch she hated more than she hated herself. And that said a lot. “Just call him down. It’s not like I haven’t known about this for a while.”

“Greg isn’t here.” Toni’s voice retained all the sarcasm it could muster, but after a withering glare from Violet, she phoned him.

“Your cutthroat, murdering, wannabe wife is here to see you.”

Finishing her pathetic attempt to reach Greg, Toni turned to give Vi one more glare before she began to shut the door.

Vi was quick to react, pressing her palm firmly against the worn blue paint. “Before I leave, there’s something you have to hear.”

Toni gave Vi a confused look, but eventually opened the door and nodded a crude invitation. Violet stepped inside, following Toni into the living area. Violet took a seat on the sofa, and Toni folded herself into a threadbare chair. The odd couple sat silently for a moment, musky perfume wafting throughout the room, even in the wee hours of the morning.

Vi stifled a cough. Then after allowing the pause to drag on a few beats longer, she spoke.

“Greg needs to know…I’m pregnant.”

James Matthew Byers

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