The Perfect Purchase


The pair of red patent leather heels with rhinestone bedecked silk flowers on the toes was gorgeous and irresistible. Jane Peddecker shot her most dazzling smile at the clerk who placed the last pair into her trembling hands. The box met her fingertips, and she hardly contained her squeal of delight. Her heart palpitated wildly in exhilaration. In...

The Buffalo Are Coming


 The blue cap rested atop the wispy pouf of brown hair she sprayed into wiry submission each morning. The hat settled into a cozy nest of hair while the loon depicted by the pin of molded silver nestled into a home of reeds. Glinting with metallic brightness in the sunlight, the brooch shone from a perch on the cap’s side, directly above the left...

A Fraction of Statistics


Glancing at the clock mounted securely and utterly uselessly on the wall, I failed to discern the time, for ostentatiously patterned paper obscured the clock’s face like the contents of a carefully wrapped gift. Not for the first time, I wished I wore a watch. The desire which overtook me every time I was in this particular classroom, however...

A Bottle of Rummy


Beneath me, the boat sways, cresting another insidiously rolling wave before rocking sickeningly to the side. My stomach heaves, and I lower my head once more to the sticky, beige bench seat in the boat’s small cabin. I don’t even care that I am still wearing my rain jacket though I am no longer out in the elements. When the sharp bout of...



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