Savoring the Moment


Days pass nearly the same on our small farm, regardless of what goes on in the world beyond. I rise early and carry out the same tasks I always have. I tend to the cows and make the bread. I wash clothes and cook meals. Sometimes, I almost forget there is a war raging in cities not-too-distant from our small Italian town. Almost. I remember when I...

The Witch’s Moon


Doctor Singer surveys me, adjusting his spectacles before smoothing his moustache. His suit looks out of place with me seated before him in rags. “Admit to your insanity,” he says. We’ve had this conversation over a hundred times since the war ended, and my answer has never changed. At first I was surprised by his persistence. That was before I...

The Awakening


The last things I remember are the glint in his eyes and the searing pain in my chest. Now I hover near the ceiling, unable to get down, not that I want to go down there anyway. That’s where my body is. Arranged in an elegant pose on the polished concrete, hair splayed in a pool of blood and rose petals, my own heart carved from my chest and...

A Spy’s Dilemma


Detective Mallory,” Sergeant Bowler says by way of greeting as he slaps a thick folder onto my desk. I sigh and massage my temples. “Another one, Marcus?” I ask without looking at him. That folder has been on everyone’s desk at least once over the past decade, and we’re still no closer to catching the Sleeping Giant, let alone immobilizing them...

The Case of Vera Chase: A Modern Whodunit


Detective Dickerson paced in front of the remaining suspects, five individuals of varying appearance and nature, and ran his thumb and index finger over either side of his mustache. Most people both attending and catering to the needs of the guests at the benefit gala had been dismissed. They were neither responsible for the elaborate scheme...

Death at an Interview


Hiding the body was not even close to the hardest part. No, I simply stuffed the corpse under the desk, easy as one, two, three. He wasn’t very stiff yet, and I knew he wasn’t liable to start smelling for a good while longer. Like I said, easy, but I needed to buy myself some time to figure out my next move. Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s...



Rachel gave her eyelashes another swipe of mascara for good measure and stepped back to look at herself in the mirror with a satisfied smile. Her floor-length emerald gown was immaculate, and she had ensured it offset her prize anthurium warocqueanum, or Queen Anthurium, with its large, draping velvet leaves perfectly. Her name was Antoinette...

Another American Revolution


My fingers shake around Loretta’s neck as I press her face into the watery muck of my family’s rice fields. The world said we needed a revolution, but they never considered what that would mean for us, our enemies not foreign soldiers but our own neighbors. I went to school with Lori, grew up with her, went to her sister’s wedding. None of that...

Tower of Chaos


“Schnitzel!” Hazel exclaimed, sucking on her bleeding finger before finishing the last row of stitches to close the tear in her sister’s apron. Amelda lounged on her cot across the room. One leg dangled off the side as she twirled a strand of hair Hazel was forever demanding she wash and comb around her finger. “Would it kill you to swear like a...

The Last House on Cedar Street


for J.R. Bournvillewho taught me about perseverance and seeing a project through to the end “No, thank you,” the woman said before another door slammed in Leah’s face. Every house on the block had been the same. Except for the ones who pretended they weren’t home. In a way, those were better. At least she didn’t have to waste her time on them...



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