Risky Choices

Risky Choices: Chapter Seven


From where Greg sat, he could see the city lights, pulsing sad and beautiful through the sheet of rain still coming down outside as he tried to come up with a plan. As far as he knew, his contact had not arrived, and Vi seemed to be in no condition to offer her usual wisdom. Meanwhile, Vi could not help the cringe working its way up her spine. Not...

Risky Choices: Chapter Six


Greg sat in a dark corner of the bar looking like every other alcoholic when his phone vibrated. It was Little Toni. He didn’t want to be bothered with her drama, but she was persistent. As soon as he said “hello,” she started in on him. “Your bitch of a wife showed up on my doorstep! How does she even know you’re alive? Did you contact...

Risky Choices: Chapter Five


“You’ve got some nerve, bitch. Really. Showing your face on my doorstep at this time of night?” Little Toni smirked as she looked Vi dead in the eyes. “Look, I get it. We both have a mutual interest. But considering what just happened, I’d say the odds are ever in my favor. He doesn’t want to see you.” Vi knew Toni was right. Some ships...

Risky Choices: Chapter Four


Vi buried her mouth and nose in her elbow as her eyes began to water. Her white blazer didn’t do much to block out the gas, but it was better than nothing. Nearly blinded by tears and the onslaught of a coughing fit, Vi stumbled in the direction of what she hoped was an exit. Before she even reached a perimeter wall, a SWAT team barged in and...

Risky Choices: Chapter Three


Greg sat, ill at ease, watching the rain, an unlit cigarette hanging from his scowl and a burner phone in one hand. Toni lay sprawled on the bed behind him, the sheet doing little to cover her curves. She was a poor substitute for who he really wanted, but he needed her if he was going to make it out of this alive. He contemplated his options...

Risky Choices: Chapter Two


“Well done, Violet,” Big Tony’s voice boomed. Vi’s heels echoed as she crossed the warehouse floor, their sharp clack bouncing off the pre-fab steel walls. Her eyes darted nervously from side to side, sizing up the dozen or so armed  henchmen that made up Big Tony’s personal bodyguards. So many guns. High powered rifles with obscenely phallic...

Risky Choices: Chapter One


God dammit. She did it. She actually did it. Greg stood frozen, slack-jawed in the dim alley next to the abandoned warehouse. He watched Vi slip her phone back into her designer bag. As she brushed a wavy hickory lock away from her cheek, he thought regret flashed, but then she set her shoulders and strode, cool as a cucumber on three-inch heels...

Risky Choices: Prologue


Greg and Violet’s marriage is over, but it’s not what you think. It’s never what you think in this exciting story of mob bosses, syrup recipes, and a ship set sail for the Orient. Greg’s suitcase filled too quickly. As he situated his last few pairs of socks, Violet’s 20 years of skilled legal negotiation crumbled. “Please don’t...



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