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I am an author of fantasy, writing the magical stories I love to read with kick-ass heroines I always wanted to be when I grew up. Since there are only so many hours in the day, I currently write online serial fiction, challenge myself to compose occasional short stories based on random subject and character assignments, and outline my novels on Twitter using the daily “very short story” flash fiction prompts. I plan to embellish, revise, and edit these outlines into full-length novels in the future. At present, my work includes the serials Being Red and Clever Arula, which are available to read here on my site.

I am proud to say this is much more content and direction than I had when I created this site several years ago. At the time, I simply needed an incentive to write down all the stories constantly popping into my head, a place where I knew I could be held accountable to write consistently and keep creating. Today, I am still learning and working out the kinks, but I write more frequently and am actively pursuing my love of writing, magic, and re-imagined fairy tales.

With that, I welcome you to my worlds; stay as long as you please.

Current Projects

If you follow me on Twitter, you are likely familiar with some of these characters and their stories. If not, keep an eye out for updates as I work to turn these stories into novels!

Being Red
Red is a werewolf hunter forced to rethink her loyalties and identity when the pack alpha presents her with an ultimatum.

Escape from the Bloodbringer
Aislynn flees her evil uncle, the captain of the dreaded Bloodbringer, and his cutthroat crew of pirates after making off with his most prized possession, an enchanted map.

Queens of Wings and Sky
Faced with her twin sister’s betrayal and impending civil war, fae queen Ayla amasses an army to fight for her kingdom.

Angel of Death
Claire is a reaper vying for the coveted spot at the Devil’s right hand in hopes that the position will come with the answers she needs for her and her friends to cheat death. Again.

Latest stories

Being Red: Chapter Seventeen


“It feels like we just did this,” Henley says, setting two bottles of tequila and a six-pack of bottled light beer on the granite countertop as the guys roll in carrying a lot more of our gear. I toss two duffles of ammo unceremoniously onto the couch, rub my palms together to rid them of the feeling of straps pinching my flesh, and turn to face...

Being Red: Chapter Sixteen


Although I am sleeping more than ever, I feel like I’ve hardly slept at all. Each night is filled with the hunt, and I awaken more drained and exhausted than ever. I am napping on the couch after a run when my phone vibrates against the coffee table, jolting me from my dream body. She had her hands around Gregor’s throat, and the transition to my...

Being Red: Chapter Fifteen


After my late-night rendezvous with Kellan, my heart is no longer in this girls’ weekend. It seems so frivolous now against the backdrop of my new reality, and I want nothing more than to cut our trip short, maybe even throw myself back into work. When I emerge from my room in the morning, I do my best to keep up appearances, but I can tell that...

Being Red: Chapter Fourteen


A clearing opens up before me. I jog to the center, the need for an unobstructed view of the sky growing within me. I throw back my head, fling out my arms, and spin in a circle. This is the most carefree I’ve felt in ages, at least since my parents died, maybe ever. I grow dizzy and collapse to the ground. Lying on my back, gazing up at the...

Being Red: Chapter Thirteen


I drive to the grocery store and then walk to a gas station a few blocks away, my mind racing. I can’t escape the memory of my dream last night, the sensation of being other than human lingering with me even hours later. Have I truly been killing such majestic creatures for half my life? Or has Kellan successfully pulled the wool over my eyes and...

Savoring the Moment


Days pass nearly the same on our small farm, regardless of what goes on in the world beyond. I rise early and carry out the same tasks I always have. I tend to the cows and make the bread. I wash clothes and cook meals. Sometimes, I almost forget there is a war raging in cities not-too-distant from our small Italian town. Almost. I remember when I...

Being Red: Chapter Twelve


Despite my misgivings, I can’t stay mad at Hayden. As much as I want to push him away and punish him, my mind invariably returns to how he has been there for me all these years. Even when Gregor was rough on me to teach me painful lessons, Hayden was always the one to help patch me up and piece me back together. He has been my friend longer than...

Being Red: Chapter Eleven


I am in my childhood home again, hiding in the laundry basket, the scent of my parents wrapped around me like a comforting blanket, but everything else is wrong. In this version of my dream, heavy gunfire tears through our home. I want to jump from my hiding place to see if the outcome is the same, to check if my parents have still been murdered...

Being Red: Chapter Ten


As the adrenaline wears off, I realize the damage control for tonight’s events is more complex than Kellan simply disposing of Valerie’s body. Timing is going to be a significant factor in our latest charade. I talk as we walk, Kellan for once unable to argue or torment me with his retorts as he trots silently along at my side. His current...



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